Associate Professor Pedro Isaias, University of Queensland

Associate Professor Pedro Isaias, University of Queensland This exciting workshop will feature a keynote from Dr Pedro Isaias who is Associate Professor in Higher Education Innovation at the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI) at the University of Queensland, Australia. Associate Professor Isaias has authored several books, book chapters, papers and research reports in information systems and has research interests in how we use technologies for learning.


by A/Professor Pedro Isaias, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI), The University of Queensland, Australia

The constant progress of technology has afforded mobile learning with enhanced ubiquitousness, authenticity, personalisation and collaboration. These improvements also correspond to core areas of research that examine the evolution of mobile learning and the challenges it poses.

This keynote will examine in more detail and discuss major issues from each of the four core areas and discuss related possibilities:

  • Regarding ubiquitousness, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), information systems and responsive design aspects will be covered;
  • In terms of authenticity, aspects like wearable technologies, gamification and augmented reality aspects will be discussed;
  • As for personalisation, mobile learning analytics, artificial intelligence and geo-location aspects will be addressed;
  • Finally, with concern to collaboration, social learning and the e-society aspects will be debated.